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I finally managed to force him to tell me the truth. He was in another relationship. I asked him how about all the promises he made and his answer "i never promised anything". Do I think it will work for you?

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We appreciate honesty. They lie and start a fight rather than tell the truth. Michele I'm a Virgo woman and it was love at first sight with a Taurus man. It lasted for 5 years but he was a lying, cheating Taurus. My first husband was a Scorpio man and we probably would have last but his drinking and jealousy didn't mix!!

I have always gotten along well with both those signs. I'm currently seeing a Leo he is very funny and I think we have a lot in common. Also our age 53 allows us not to sweat the small stuff.


I look forward to spending time with him. Jenny I'm a female virgo and just got dumped by a Gemini. Things were amazing at first, we were madly in love but then it turned into somewhat an abusive relationship. He demanded so much attention and was super jealous. We only lasted 3 months. But it was the most intense, passionate relationship I'd ever been in. As a classic gemini, he could be the sweetest person, most caring and loving, but he could also be like a totally different person and be emotionally abusive when moods change.

Virgo, Perfect Service

After he broke up with me out of the blue, I figured he was bipolar, considering all his behaviors I 'd witnessed--like being a gemimi is not enough. I still love and miss him. Anyone with similar experience with geminis? Cordelia I'm so glad I read this. I was with a Gemini for 2 months when he broke up with me out of the blue. We had started off very fast with fireworks and great intellectual conversation. I'm still trying to get over him because he was so romantic and sweet but also could be very hard on himself and others.

I always feared showing all if myself due to his flighty nature. This relationship was very exciting. John Pls get me in ur arm. I virgo and match u great. I have been divorced by Sagittarius. U and me is the real one. Totally same exact experience. Was so much in love with a Gemini guy for 2 years, of which the 1st year was absolute fireworks, connection and passion. We were both Deeply in love. Year later I saw another person I never knew, totally bipolar, when things did not go his way he would become mean and emotionally abusive and manipulative.

It was hard for me not to fall for it since I loved and cared. One day he will be a loving most caring person I have ever known and another day see abusive mean heartless person. But had to cut the cord for and end the madness of a bipolar person, I never knew. Someone who loves you, should never hurt you. Its hard to see the bigger picture but listen to your inner voice! Amanda You just described the most of my ten year marriage in a nutshell.

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Mine was abusive, it even turned physical, I totally thought he was bipolar, he cheated on me with another Gemini. So in a lot of zodiac website posts I see them saying Virgos are modest or predictable in the bedroom which is very untrue.

It is true we don't like to be dirty, but with a person we're sexually attracted to, the sky is no limit! I'm very adventurous. I love change and trying new things so, yes it is a tall tale about Virgo's. Hyron Now this is by far the most accurate statement I have seen. I am a woman Virgo myself September 12th, and this is me to the T GAd You are absolutely correct. As perfectionists we work hard to please our partners. Cheat on us? Experience the Virgo Ice-Out.

You may face ups and downs, as per Virgo Love Horoscope 12222

Lisa So true. And definitely don't like being dirty. Virgomale1 I agree wholeheartedly! We love sex and are very adventurous with the right person!

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I too, found most of these to have missed the mark. Rave Hi Miles, i'am an aries lady and dated a Virgo man. He is divorced and I know virgo man are shy and very uptight. I feel like virgo man are way too analytical. Lou I'm a Virgo woman and I'm a lot like how you're describing yourself, Miles.

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    Hang in there! Sometimes you just need to relax and actually notice your surroundings. I too stay in my head, but after realizing it, I now take notice of the things around me when I'm out. I too have the "serious look", but woman find it attractive. Just remember when searching for love, patience is key and virtue in most cases. Good luck man! Grace you sound interesting to me I'm Aries though maybe it wouldn't work. Jim Lilly, i am a Virgo. Liz I'm a Scorpio dating a Virgo who requires alot of attention, I work pm and he is a retired officer, he said if I don't give him attention he will bail , will he did not once but 3 times and goes back to his ex.

    I got tired of his shenanigans, and I said that was enough.