Horoscope february 27 aquarius

Love is not the same as longing. Do you believe in the potential of this romance? Partnerships of all kinds promise to challenge you today. Apply the same guidance if things get topsy turvy on the work front. If you are not in alignment with your soul purpose, now is the time to change things around.

Sun enters Sagittarius

If you have already embraced that which is sacred to you, you are being asked to exercise a greater degree of commitment to your goals. Practicing daily will not only enhance your skills but also help you level up. Cancer, establish a routine and stick to it like a pro. Cosmic tip: The commitment to practice daily and enhance your skills will help you level up. Look at the life you have created for yourself.

Pay attention to the things that no longer spark joy. More importantly, be aware of the relationships that have stayed beyond their expiration date. A massive decluttering spree is on the cards for you today. Write them a letter. Even better, sing them a love song. Even the most skeptical Librans if there is such a thing are likely to bitten by the love bug today. Finding a pace that works for both of you is the key to a harmonious relationship. Cosmic tip: Let the path old school romance help you move closer on an emotional level. You were born to live a life of greatness, Scorpio.

So, why dull your sparkle? Why play down your talents so you can be like everybody else? To be able to co-exist and co-create is truly a gift. Neither did Queen Bey!

Word for the wise: you are making good progress on your fitness goals. Have you been thinking about renewing your gym membership or adopting a new regimen?

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Now is the time, Sagittarius. Support your mission by giving your body the right kind of nutrients and getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep so those muscles can repair themselves.

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Hold space for the exchange of ideas—a space where everybody is equally appreciated and respected. Yes, you will be intimidated. And the butterflies in your stomach will threaten to get the better of you. Empower yourself to keep moving forward despite your fears and you will witness the miracle you are working towards. Setting realistic goals is the key to making progress. Your special relationship with water allows your words to take on the adaptable and fluid qualities of flowing water.

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As is the case with all water signs, you are quite comfortable on the rocky oceans of emotion. From your emotional experiences you gain understanding, which explains why you so easily realize when others are experiencing strong waves of emotions. Embracing water's positive qualities will help your compassion grow, but be aware of the moodiness that sometimes accompanies an overindulgence in the emotions.

Neptune is the ruling planet of your sign and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you are subject to a double helping of Neptune's influence.

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Being the planet of refinement, Neptune's power is witnessed in your innate sensitivity, vision and compassion. More so than any of the Pisces Decans, your planetary influences makes you a natural romantic. You often find yourself lost in romantic fantasy, where love, beauty and poetic expression can dominate your mind. Your loving attitude is applied to all aspects of your life, as you are the first person to offer a helping hand or shoulder to cry on.

February 27 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

You may have the tendency to take on the burdens of your loved ones, but luckily your positive attitude can keep your spirits up. In love, find a partner that shares in your romantic, honest and optimistic nature, as you are quite vulnerable to the manipulation of others. A gifted communicator and compassionate, your natural abilities create several career options for you to explore. Your understanding may be a welcome addition to the world of business, advertising or public relations.

Your interest in people could translate into success in humanitarian careers, such as teaching, social work or counseling.

Today's Daily Horoscope February 27, 2019 Each Zodiac Signs

Similarly, you may use your gifts for communication to relate to audiences as a journalist or writer, which was the case for John Steinbeck, who was also born on February 27th.