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They doubt themselves and fear to take steps to explore their talent. This is the reason why many number 3s fail to rise up in their lives. Debts, undermining work of their enemies will derail them when their number is weak. Hence, the numerology number 3 should realize the strength of Guru and work accordingly, not bending to flattery. Despairing troubles do not come to them. Any problem that befalls them will vanish quite early. They will take whatever life throws at them with a smile. Many popular writers and artists are number 3s. As number 6 is their enemy number, the number 3s should not buy or hold any immovable property under their name.

This will bring them problems later. They try their level best to keep up their promises and work very hard for that. Hence they are trust-worthy and dependable people. As per Indian Numerology, The people born under Number 3 usually have an average height.

Numerology: 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th Number 3 Life Path

They have oval faces, thick and long eyebrows, big lips and even teeth. Even in their youth, they will be afflicted by graying of hair and baldness. They have a good, strong body. The people born on 3, 12, 21, 30, 9, 18 and 27, and people with the sum of birth dates as 3 and 9, are good friends and partners for the number Threes. The number 2 is also beneficial to them. The number 3 people can marry people with birthdays or sum of their birth dates as 3 and 9.

Their life will be happy and peaceful. They can also marry people with life or destiny number 2. They will get along very well with them. Love affairs do not come to them easily. They refuse to come out of their cultural zone. They naturally get good wives. Skin problems are the main affliction of these people. Many people are affected by stomach ailments like indigestion, flatulence, constipation and mouth sores, intestinal problems.

They also get affected by breathlessness, psoriasis. They should take the lemon, gooseberry, and green leafy vegetables in their diet. They are full of vitamins that will boost their immunity. They can get government jobs. They can also get jobs at social organizations. They are excellent speakers and are brilliant at analyzing and researching history, culture, and tradition. Many number 3s also excel at running book shops and schools.

Politics is a good field for people born on day 3 , 12, 21 and 30, Ex.

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Karunanidhi and they make good administrators. They will also reach the higher echelons of power. Management comes naturally to them.


They expect their underlings to follow their instructions to the T. So they make honest accountants, treasurers, managers in all fields like military, administration, politics, etc. Writing, printing, paper shops are quite a few areas they take a shine to. College professor jobs, philosophical professor jobs, and jobs in the army are well-suited for them. They have a natural aptitude for learning.

Age is never a deterrent and they keep learning something new throughout their lives. Lawyers, judges, police, religious leaders come under number 3. Banking and insurance are also good fields for them. They are also interested in astrology, mantras and tantras. Gold is the lucky metal for the number 3s. Sevandhikal stone are supposed to be very lucky for them. The yellow sapphire and vivid yellow sapphire Kanagapushparagam stones bring good fortune to them.

Pink is the best color for the number 3s. Purple and shades of blue are lucky to them.

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Golden color clothes bring luck. Yellow also brings good fortune. But they should avoid wearing colors like dark blue, black and green. The days 3 , 9, 12, 18, 21, 27 and 30 bring luck to the number 3s. Similarly, the sum of the dates as 3 and 9 also favor them. They are superb thinkers, philosophers. They channel their talent well and become experts in their chosen field like science, arts like writing, poetry, cinema, engineering, and maths. They can expect their life to take a turn for the better only after the age of Some people are born for a lonely struggle in life.

Their parents do not support them well.

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Their relatives are the same. These people have a silver tongue with which they charm and order people to perform their bidding. Their parents will suffer financially during their youth. So these number 12 s have a hard life from their youth. They will self-study and earn for paying their fees. If they struggle relentlessly with confidence, they can land big jobs as professors, lawyers and judges. Life path number 21 are self-centered people. They will work only for the benefit of themselves.

They face many up and downs early on in life. They learn from their experiences. They will work hard and overcome their failures.

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They will see many problems affecting their mid-life. They have this yearning to scale new heights.

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This yearning will bring them fame and fortune. Writing and journalism are good fields for them. They will use their experiences to live a fruitful, happy life in their later years. Their wayward number 2 lives will bear fruition once they plan and work hard for it number 1. This is because the Sun number 1 and the Moon number 2 join hands and give a better life in the later years. They work for their satisfaction and nobody else. They love to dig deep and know everything about anything.

They are daredevils when it comes to achieving something. Their financial situation will not be stable. They will spend money recklessly and worry later. They occupy the jobs of detectives, spies, and messengers.