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Love Focus: Not getting positive signals from the one you secretly love may frustrate you, but worry not things are bound to turn out positive! This is the time to take the first step in acquiring property. Your attempts to impress those around you may not be appreciated by all. Initiatives taken on the health front will prove beneficial. Financial front remains stable. Good performance is likely to get recognition for you on the professional front. Much fun is in store on the family front.

Praise from those who matter is likely to make the day for some. Exercise judiciousness in playing the stocks. Some award or recognition awaits those in a government job. Something exciting can be expected on the family front today.

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Travel bug may bite and make you pack your bags. Eating wayside food threatens to make you unwell, so be very careful.

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Those planning to buy a house or building one will find the day favorable. Visiting someone close is likely to give you a sense of immense fulfillment.

Today's Readings for You

Sticking to routine will contribute towards good health. Excellent returns from investments may motivate you to think big. A mistake on the professional front is likely to be rectified in time before it does any damage. You will need to set the record straight regarding an ownership. Keep your suggestions and opinions to yourself on the social front, unless asked for.

Remaining regular in workouts will help you achieve your much-cherished physique. Curbing wasteful expenditure seems difficult, so remain a bit flexible on the home front.

Gemini Weekly Tarot Reading, March 11th to March 17th (2019)

A lucrative deal is likely to be bagged by businesspersons. A family gathering may need to be cancelled. Property market may not seem too attractive as of now.

Gemini | December 3rd, 12222

An excellent day when you do generally well in whatever catches your fancy! Something newly adopted is certain to keep you fit and energetic. Raising capital for your dream project will not be difficult. Your ideas at work are likely to win appreciation.

Gemini horoscope 17 march

You can find a family member too intrusive in your matters, so throw broad hints to discourage this habit. A sightseeing trip may materialize for some. There is a strong possibility of acquiring property. Opting for a healthy diet will be a step in the right direction. A venture is likely to turn profitable for businesspersons. A workplace rivalry can rear its ugly head today, so remain cautious. There is no need to become big hearted where property is involved.

A delightful phase begins for some to make this day special. Recovery is foreseen for those ailing. Financially, you are likely to go from strength to strength.

Higher ups are certain to favor you on the professional front. Peace and quiet on the home front will help you relax. A home remedy may prove better to cure a seasonal ailment.