March 18 birthday taurus horoscope

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Nasimane Jlz: we alike? Nasimane Happy birthday twins. Nasimane Huh feeling silly Actually after reading everything I realised that I was the one who posted the comment a year ago huh Mysterious how are you? How do I subscribe to this forum so I dont miss out on conversations? By the way I am combative and understanding yet neat and very clever. Hate BS Love my Taurus boyfriend Hes born on 9th May; 9 is our lucky number I am capable of both great evil and great good True born leader, I hardly give up on people without exhausting all alternatives but once I do, there is no point of return.

Outside Im hard but inside Im soft. I love God a lot. In capable of prostitution. Im fearless. I dont trust anyone. Very stubborn. Love talking. Best get along with Taurus although they too stubborn sometimes. I get along with Gemini although they are fake and superficial.

Get a long with Cancer although they nagg about everything; so damn sensetive yet sharp tongued. Get along with Scorpio although they lie and steal alot plus damn jealous and aggressive. I get along with Capricorn although they are selfish and dont like jokes. I get along with Virgo although they are stingy, nousey, story lorries and argue about everything when you dont agree with them. I get along with Libra women but not Libra Man.

Dont get along with Aquarius they fake too.

Get along with Sagitt although they dont give. I do as I please to em. Get along with Leo thou they are insensitive and arrogant.

April 20: Taurus

Get along with Aries men buh not women. And, I dont get along with other Pisces. I find em sensetive, backbone less, people pleasers and too emotional. I cry mostly only to seek for attention thats all. Otherwise I love peace yes but when I am mad huh Aries or whatever aint got nothing on me. I flood and destroy even fire signs.

I find most pisceans weak and submissive. I am dorminant and itcauses problems in my relationships.

Hey there!

I dont listen and I show my affection better with words then with actions. I never get enough of sex. I dont let people in. Yip that is me Nasimane We even have the same name. This is frightening and exciting gosh Nasimane Wait my God I a born on 18 March too. They call me pshycho and Im vengeful and gosh wanna be a tycoon. Whoever wrote that please email me: pakkala. Gloria idriss vahn so so true about my life i love my birthday march 18 so proud. Nasimane Hi Twins. I have always wanted to meet and or communicate to anyone born on my birthday March People call me crazy.

They say I am a psycho and that I am arrogant and self centered and that I dont care about people etc. I actually hold grudges, like to boss people around however I hate being bossed around, very ambitious, vindictive, thrive off revenge, dont respond well to embarrassements. Hate liars, hate being accused.

March 18th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 1

Wanna be a tycoon. I have pychic abilities.

Taurus Dates in Astrology | April May 20 |

I believe I am God's favourite after Jesus. Think a lot. I do cry but just not infront of people. Dont fall inlove fast but falls out of love fast. Deep down I care about people, alot I just dont show it to avoid being over steeped by people. Im actually more of a scorpio then I am of a pisces however I dont understand why I act more of a Scorpio than I do like a Pisces.

Is it just me or do we all experience this? Mysterious33 Hi Nasimane I also had those same traits. As I gotten older all those things I used to hate does not matter to me anymore. Falling in love is my biggest I've been told by many of my friends that I will grow old, grumpy and live with cats. Don't get wrong love, loves me. One thing I hate about my psychic abilities is I don't have a switch to turn on or off.

I have been block for a year now and that frustrates me.

Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump

My mother is a scorpion and I can relate to some of the scorpion traits I probably picked up from my mother as well. Nice meeting you. Madhav Singh Hi 18 march is also my birthday. Jlz Omg.